Learn Photography- Shutter Speed Tutorial by Saurav

Shutter Speed Tutorial, another learn-photography session: Today I will talk about shutter speed and why it is important to understand Shutter Speed Tutorial: have you ever wondered how people are able to freeze motion in the images? Have you wondered how to capture long exposures just as capturing star trails or car trails? If you want to learn about shutter speed, you are in a right place, because this is a shutter speed tutorial. I am Saurav, and I am back talking about stuff related to photography. The first of this series was about Aperture. I explained to you what Aperture is and how it should be changed according to the change in a situation. I am going to do the same here in this Shutter Speed tutorial. So let us understand what Shutter Speed is. To understand that, first, let us understand what is actually Shutter. So imagine your camera sensor as your Human Eye. So the shutter is actually the eyelid. Once the eyelid is closed, the shutter is closed. Basically, o…
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