Start taking BETTER photos by mastering picture composition that is clever or simply very balanced and well thought out. Composition is one of my favorite subjects because it is very important. So read on or watch the video to learn how to start taking better photos with picture composition.

Start taking BETTER photos TODAY with some important tips: Hi, I am Peter McKinnon and now it comes to picture composition and how YOU can influence a few things DIRECT to make better photos! And I do TODAY! Composition is one of my favorite subjects because it is very important. Whether you just begin, an experienced amateur art, occasionally used or a camera the best Photographer’re in the world. No matter. Allübergreifend the composition is SO important!

Start taking BETTER photos: The climax of the picture

The leading lines that lead you to the subject, the climax of the photo. Or light you on certain very Fashion uses to frame a subject. “Framing” in general with the aid of buildings and the environment, to let shine so right to your photo. Photos with good composition are simply better to see! They are balanced and have something that you it can be said: “This is a great shot!” And probably because the composition either super unique, creative, clever or simply very balanced and well thought out. And all these things make the end an incredible photo.

Start taking BETTER photos: The frame of the photo

Point no. 1 is the “frame” A frame is SO important and can your photos do much better from Sun to Sun. Such a big difference. So if you’re in town, anywhere, look out for structures. Perhaps plants, perhaps shrubs. Search for things that may frame your photo. to make an open portrait of someone in place simple, who stands there and takes a picture, try it to photograph BY a few leaves. I’ve said this before, as we talked about to shoot through things. to find natural frame and leading lines in which you can make your motive makes the big difference.

Here is an example of yesterday. We were at the skate park under a highway and there were loud columns, naturally support the highway and disappear into the distance. So we asked Matti just below, which makes a natural framework arise with him in the middle. As I said, I use the whole environment. Here we shooten in a stairwell. I use the banister on the picture to frame. So rather than simply go out to take pictures, the railing now provides the framework, which accounts for the unique composition and makes the photo more interesting. Look at the picture here. This is really interesting, because we use the lines of the wall leading up to this input. They do not lead anywhere right back but that’s where I put down Matti because it puts him in scene perfectly. The photo is so very balanced, because we have a leading line the climax, the door frame, have, where we position our motive. What I’m saying is, if you have no buildings, then take people! Here again Matti taking a picture when we were in Italy.

I used the people in the restaurant, around him in this photo to frame, so that it is not in the picture so lost. This creates more color, more depth, the picture becomes more vivid. search only natural lines makes your picture so ten times better! Next, the perspective. You do not always photographed frontally. Many beginners take the camera, keep them at eye level and just start taking pictures. But that’s the point! Try out different perspectives! May come through a deep angle slightly to the fore, what you have not seen before. Just as these wooden beams, when we photographed with Matti yesterday. I would have at eye level or photographed slightly to the left, I had a overlooked much of the bar, but this color harmonizes so well with his clothes and the general Color of the architecture that you see the must choose angle so deep to capture it all. Pretty much harmony! Harmony, pleasure, seize the opportunity… You see what makes a difference, rather than simply head to photograph.

The same applies from above. We went through the door frame and the floor was full of these tiles, surrounded by stones. Normally, you would not imagine it, but Symmetry, geometry All these things can make your photos amazing. We have made these images noon. So the light was not on our side and I thought, “Okay, what we do, make it and does not work FOR against us? ” SHADOW! Where there is light, are also cool shade. So let’s change the angles, so I take advantage of all the Geometry and symmetry of the tiles can draw on the floor. And as the shadows, because the sun is at its highest point. I am therefore climbed to this lead and I Matti photographed from above, and already we have a great picture of what it his shadow and all these stones shows which form a really cool “background”. Although they are on the ground but we take all these things and make the overall composition more interesting than your standard snapshot. That was the context and perspective. Number three is to use the light. Light around us, when you go into the shade, you get softer light, you go into the sun you get hard light, but can the shadows and different tricks you have learned over the years to apply and use all this to your advantage.

Start taking BETTER photos: Adjusting light

Sometimes you can cut light simply through certain areas, creating its own context and its own perspective, which summarizes everything a truly unique composition, if you use it properly! An example: When we photographed in the stairwell, the light fell through the railing and has this cool patterns generated on the wall. Rather than simply shoot directly against the wall, I had to kick him IN the light.

Now we use these lines, around a portion of his face to include a better, to generate creative total composition. So if you are going to photograph the next time try something as simple as the move your subject to a different location in the image, as where you would otherwise positioned there. Finally, here’s an example Matti bottom left of the image. But if we move it a bit up and to the side the picture looks quite different! And we can move it all out and in and looks different. All these photos are GUNT and I like them all, But you see, just by moving the subject changed the photo.

All images are processed the same, but the frame and the composition really play a huge role in photography. I hope you liked this chat and you could take something from it. I challenge you to go outside, take your camera right now and something completely different to photograph than usual. Photographed everything from above and see what happens. Or everything from the bottom up. Quite different than usual! And it looks to you! And I guarantee you, if you check the composition at head retain, according to the context studied applies and all these tips will discover her things in your own photos the you can not believe! So go out and begin to photograph. Click LIKE ME! SKIN TOP! I do it to you not blame Subscribed to the channel if you have not already done so and AND Did you think it is stuck?

Start taking BETTER photos TODAY! Composition in Photography

See you in the next article or video!

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