SEO PowerSuite: What a tool like SEO Powersuite means to a professional search engine marketing specialist like Anna Crowe

when a new client comes to Anna Crowe, it’s frequently for the fact that they think a previous SEO agency or freelancer has cheated them out of their investment in their SEO services. Their emails usually come with 4 or 5 paragraphs of how they believe they have been victimized by disappointing sales pitches that warrant “a website audit, monthly reports with keyword ranking, and backlink opportunities”. However, the agency usually fails to deliver.

She does not blame those clients or the SEO firm.  To deliver search engine optimization services as promised requires the utilization of one of the most complicated marketing strategies to describe in an SEO report. In addition, there are no definitive guidelines on how to organize these reports.

Anna began her career as a freelancer in search engine optimization services in 2010 with no pre-existing templates or tools on how to achieve success in the SEO field. After several years of bumps and bruises, including website crashes and so much money wasted on unnecessary tools, Anna discovered a single SEO tool that does everything she needs in order to serve her clients effectively. That tool is SEO PowerSuite.

Here’s are some important features of SEO PowerSuite. You can follow this link to further inquire about this software.

  1. The first step is to perform a Website Audit

When beginning an SEO campaign, Anna is a big fan of performing audits before she takes on a new client. If you check out her review, you can appreciate how much detail goes into the technical SEO audit while serving her clients.

She loves mining into the data and revealing SEO quick fixes because she believes that it will help her to provide higher-quality SEO services to her clients and help them grow their business.

That is why SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor is so valuable to her business.

2. The second step is for her to Set Up Reporting & Tracking

Consistent reporting is essential to the correct execution of a search engine optimization campaign. In addition, keyword tracking is essentially one of the most powerful reporting metrics from the standpoint of an SEO agency. That’s why Anna loves SEO PowerSuite for keyword reporting,

With Keyword reporting and tracking, Anna can understand her client’s competitors and her customers. She can also begin to develop specific strategies for customizing her client’s SEO campaigns to help them grow their businesses.

Therefore, she always uses the SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker for all her keyword monitoring tasks and takes the guesswork out of keyword analysis.

Anna Crowe is Assistant Editor & Content Strategy Lead at Leadfeeder:

She is also the Assistant Editor for Search Engine Journal. For the past nine years, Anna has effectively established and executed online SEO marketing strategies and conversion campaigns for more than one hundred businesses of all sizes, ranging from companies that belong to a list of the Fortune 500 to startup and not-for-profit companies. Anna enjoys “burritos and puppies (in that order).”

Anna’s favorite tools are SEMRush, Ahrefs, DeepCrawl, BrightLocal, Google Analytics, Optimizely, BuzzStream, HARO, Medium, Buffer, BuzzSumo, Mailchimp, Asana. Anna is great at SEO, Mobile SEO, Technical SEO, Local Search, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Entrepreneurism. Of course, she is also the best at Anna Crowe

If you are a webmaster, a professional, or a business representative look for effective ways to reach more customers, you should definitely check her out! Do not forget to let her know where you have read about her. Perhaps you can invite her to build her professional profile here.

SEO PowerSuite by Anna Crowe
SEO PowerSuite dashboard


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