Christina Szeto Photography is a Family, Kids & Maternity Photographer Serving San Francisco and surrounding area 535 Mission St Fl 14 CA 94105 Phone number(415) 792-9854

Christina Szeto Photography offers exquisite family photos in the areas of Maternity, FAMILY & KIDS, NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY.  Christina Szeto Photography is owned and operated by Christina  Szeto; in her own words:

Why I became a family & kids photographer?
I was inspired by my dad to become a family & kids photographer. My dad loves to capture the moments of me and my younger brother when we were kids. I remember he always had a film camera and chased after us for photos. I hated to be in pictures because I didn’t like my hair style when I was little. It was not until we became adults (and our parents grew old too, sadly) that we found the photos that my dad took was a precious, timeless and irreplaceable treasure. They are more than just memories of our childhood and the days that my parents were young, they speak about the love of a young dad for his little kids. Tears flooded in my eyes as I looked at these photos and typed my story here.
I want to be a photographer that does the same to people–capturing the moments of today that would warm your heart for many years to come.
My dad adores prints and he is right. In the old days when we only shot with film cameras, we always had the prints. Digital cameras changed the way we store memories. What if you lost the files one day then all your memories would be gone in the wind? I think the best way to keep the moment alive is to print the photos and display them in the house. I encourage my clients to print the photos, that’s why I always include print options in most of my packages. 
If you are reading my story here I want you to know I love my work and would deliver the best images for you.

Christina Szeto Photography: Children and FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY

​Children grow up so quick and the young man or young lady yesterday looks so entirely different today! I take pride in archiving every fun and important minute for my family customers, we would all have loads of guffaws and chuckles together.

​Where does the session happen?

Most customers lean toward open air sessions, for example, the parks that the children used to go. I more often than not go to places with wonderful daylight, for example, Lover’s Lane Presidio, Palace of Fine Arts (SF), Golden Gate Park (SF), Heather Farm (Walnut Creek) and the UC Berkeley Campus.

To what extent is the session?

My mark picture session is 90 mins. We likewise offer small sessions as short as 30 mins.

What is a smaller than usual session?

A scaled down session is a 30 mins, short photoshoot that would be reasonable for youthful children younger than 4.

What is your style?

I want to report families and children in a characteristic and most genuine approach. Amid the photoshoot I would request that guardians stimulate their children, tell a joke, embrace each other and kiss them on the cheeks. There will be bunches of fun and guffaws all through the procedure, you’ll feel loose. Both postured and genuine shots are supported.

Do we require any props?

Indeed we do! Props make the photographs look a considerable measure interesting by including one of a kind individual touch. Do bring along your children’s most loved toys, books, squishy toys or frill. On the off chance that it is for his/her birthday or some different festivals, I urge you to plan standards, streams, inflatables and lights. There’re bunches of stores that you could shop these things at moderate costs, for example, Partycity, Birthdayexpress and HobbyLobby.

How might Christina Szeto Photography help us to look regular?

Try not to stress on the off chance that you are not exceptionally used to be in the photos. I would manage you and your children into regular lights and offer bearings to make all of you feel great. As said above, I am will request that you stimulate the children, play with them and tell a joke.

What would it be a good idea for us to wear?

This is an inquiry that all customers will ask, I have examined in points of interest and recommended distinctive cases on the outfits here.

​Do you alter the photographs?

Indeed, the photographs you’ve picked will be modified to modify the introduction, difference and skin tone. Wrinkles, acnes on the face, soils on the garments and environment will be evacuated. I regularly burn through 30-40 mins on every photograph to influence it to look culminate.

Do you work with infants?

Indeed, I do! Babies are so lovable and fragile that the photoshoot is generally taken in the initial 3 weeks of life. Infant sessions require 3 hours in light of the fact that there will be such a great amount to record while they are dozing, arousing and notwithstanding crying! The sessions are occurred at the solace of your home, a place which the two guardians and the newborn child know about. I will direct you to hold or position your child and photo utilizing the characteristic window light (I won’t utilize flashes since babies are touchy to fake lights). Bundle cost for infant session is $518 for 10 modified photographs conveyed carefully in high determination jpeg records.

I require canvas prints and photograph collections, would you be able to help me?

Indeed course! Our prints are made in proficient print labs that are committed for picture takers and craftsmen. Profound matte paper is utilized, top notch ensured.

​Would I be able to see your portfolio?

Without a doubt! You can have a snappy look of my work in the children and family exhibitions, or peruse the highlighted collections which give you a thought regarding the accumulation of photographs you’ll get in the session.

​Christina Szeto Photography exquisite family photos, San Francisco photographer

Christina Szeto Photography is a Family, Kids & Maternity Photographer Serving San Francisco and surrounding area 535 Mission St Fl 14 CA 94105 Phone number(415) 792-9854